Memorial CandleA memorial service usually occurs after a cremation or burial. It can take place immediately following this but more often is held days, weeks or even months later.

I can perform a similar service to the one described in the Funeral Ceremony, but you have much more flexibility over where and when you have the event. That might mean being able to accommodate more of those wishing to attend the memorial as it could be held at the weekend, for example, whereas funerals are often held during the week.

Another advantage is that there are no time constraints. Most funerals are now held in crematorium chapels where ceremonies are often limited to about half an hour. Memorials, however, can be held in any venue and can last much longer.

Memorials often involve more people (both contributing and attending), and the ceremonies usually have a more upbeat feel to them. Time is likely to have passed since the death and those who knew the person have an opportunity to come together to share memories, and to celebrate their life.


On rare occasions a family may wish to really push the boat out and create a truly unique memorial service or even a party. It might be an event which features performances or live music, eating, drinking or dancing. As an ex-performer myself, I know some wonderfully talented professional actors who could take part. I also have friends who play in covers bands and my partner is a member of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Please feel free to pick my brain if you’re looking for something a little different.