A good funeral often includes both laughter and tears. There will be sadness of course, but the happy memories and fond love for the person who has died live on in others.


Here’s what I’m able to do to make the funeral as good as it can be:

  • I will visit you in your home or another venue of your choice to discuss the funeral ceremony with you.
  • We will decide what the content of the ceremony will be and who will be involved.
  • I can help you to select suitable music, readings, poetry, or anything else that you wish to include.
  • I can write a eulogy or tribute about the person who has died or can work with you to create one.
  • I will send you a copy of the entire funeral ceremony for your approval.
  • Between our first meeting and the funeral itself we can liaise by phone and email to edit any aspect of the ceremony until you are completely satisfied.
  • I will arrive early at the funeral venue to meet you before the ceremony.
  • At the funeral itself, I will conduct the ceremony and work with the funeral director to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Once the funeral is over, I will supply you with a printed copy of the ceremony for you to keep, and an electronic copy to email to friends and family.

I must stress that the content of the funeral ceremony is completely your choice and nothing will be included that you have not agreed to. If you or other members of your family or friends wish to take part in the service in any way, by taking on some of the readings, the tribute or even singing a song or playing an instrument, then that is easily arranged. I would liaise with them, as well as the funeral director, to make sure that the ceremony delivers what you expect. I am simply there to facilitate your wishes and can create and deliver some or all of the service, as required.

Do have a look around the website for more information, or if you have any specific questions then please get in touch.


Landican is the only crematorium on the Wirral and there are three chapels on site in which to hold funeral ceremonies. This is a photograph I took inside the South Chapel.